Plastic Fabrications

We fabricate our equipment in a range of materials, primarily plastics.  We work with polypropylene, PVC, PVDF and PTFE all of which are chemically resistant at different levels dependant on the temperature and concentration of chemicals being used.

Plastic Fabrications photo 1

Plastic Fabrications photo 2

Once it has been determined which material is suitable for your application, our experienced fabricators are able to manufacture to your specification in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Items we fabricate vary from tanks, trays, fume cupboards, chemical storage cabinets even car show room stands, garden ponds, large fish tanks etc.

We pride ourselves on making excellent quality fabrications that last for many, many years, all our fabrications are welded with strengtheners or body bands where required. We can also add ancillaries to your items such as outlets, vents, heaters, bars and much more.

If you have any requirements for fabrications in plastic please contact us for a quotation.

Tel:  0121 358 6949

Email:  [email protected]

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